My fireball loop mod

mod instructions
1: get a fireball
2: lube it so it very responsive
3: over crank till it’s on the verge of sleeping or not sleeping, or to your preference.
4: test out the fireballs

Overcranking a fireball with its original axle is more risky than if you crank it with raider axle, because fireball axle has slightly bigger diameter and cranking actually pulling some part of the axle inside the nut, causing the cranked end to expand.
Here is an exaggerated drawing on what happens when you crank the fireball/raider, in reality the nut doesn’t expand that much, it was just for the sake of explaining.

I only did a half a turn very slowly.

Not saying that it won’t work or anything, just to be more careful :wink:

Yeah, this does work to enhance your looping. Well, I haven’t ever tried it on the Fireballs but, I have on my Raiders with Delrin Spacers and such. Just don’t over tighten it to much or you could potentially break the plastic, too. The Fireball is a pretty decent looper out of the package, though.