Modding a Fireball

Hello. I am planning to mod a Yomega Fireball for looping play soon, and this is the first time I’m modding a yo-yo. I’d like to ask about the risks that are carried with doing this mod. I do know what’s needed (Raider spacers, bearing, and axle) and what to do, but I’m wary of how it’ll go down while doing so…


It could break. :wink:

If you don’t have to cut or turn any plastic off you shouldn’t have too much for risk, but if you have to then so many things could go terribly wrong. Whatever process you have to do, just take it slow.

At the end of the day just remember it’s a cheap toy and can easily be replaced.

With care it can be done successfully. Back when it was popular to do I think it was break every other 1 or 2 for every good one. good luck.