My Fantasy YoYo Company

Hey peoples of yoyoexpert. So I was in Kinkos today and I had an idea. I really like yoyos and I really like making things, so why don’t I make my own YOYO COMPANY. Well I can’t because I have no idea where to get resources and things so I decided to make my own “fantasy yoyo company”. Basically I make a company, design yoyos, and possible make actual yoyos. So I did some thinking and I do have a company name but I am not so sure of it. It is Razor Heart YoYos. Here is the prototype of the symbol.

So yeah, I will keep you guys updated on how I am doing, but please tell me what you guys think. Is this fantasy company a good thing? I am completly new at this so tips are greatly appreciated.
Thanks Guys.

man thats kool, you might become someone like ithicus :wink:

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Wow, really! Thanks!

If you’re just messing around, having fun, keep at it.

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Cool, thanks.

The next project I am working on is a metal yoyo. It’s called the Samuri. Sketches coming soon!

Seems like you misspelled Samurai? Or did you leave the a out on purpose? If not…

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that is cool but you know razor is making yoyos now so it might get confusing

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Your right. Can you guys think of anything close to Razor Heart that sound really cool?

Ahh man. I never thought simple things like naming a yoyo and a company would be so hard. Oh well, this is so much fun. ;D

Well, I don’t remember the name right now, but yoyos made by Razor are under a different name. Pocket Pros?

Thats good. Hopefully people wont get confused, and besides it is a fantasy company.

oops sorry a typo, I meant I AM THE MAN!!!

bladed heart?

Real Heart YoYos.
Love Hurts, Throws Don’t

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