My End story I shared with non throwers (muggles)

I shared the below story on Facebook with my friends and family. It was very well received and I’d like to share with people that can relate now.

My favorite hobby is yoyoing. I’ve been into it since I was 11. Started with the Duncan Butterfly, upgraded to Yomega Fireballs, and there is about 100 or so more leading up to today. My friend Chris and I would practice like crazy and no one in middle school came remotely close to our skillset.

I’m not a pro at it, and I don’t do it for anyone but myself. It’s relaxing to listen to music and just flow through complex tricks until they become muscle memory. My daughter took an interest and it makes me happier than you’ll ever know.

The yoyo scene the past 20 years evolved into yoyos machined out of different strength aluminum’s and titanium. They are anodized and laser engraved which is akin to a cool paint job on a car. They can range from 20 bucks to 400 bucks and have a real collectors market.

I had an unreal collection in my early twenties, I don’t even want to tell you what they’d be worth today. Sold them off though when times were tough because you gotta do what you gotta do.

Tonight I acquired my Holy Grail. It’s called “The End” which is extremely appropriate. Only a handful were made about 12 years ago and the company no longer exists. The owner of said company just recently came back on the scene and partnered with a guy and did a final run. Only 37 were made of this particular color way, less than 200 in the world and it will never be reproduced. They sold out in one minute, and somehow I got one. Mine is the brown and silver color way, named the Eetsit.

I know that it’s likely that no one will relate on something this specific, but know it makes me super happy and I appreciate the read.


I hope this isn’t the real end for you, don’t stop yoyoing! The End part II looks great. Thanks for sharing your story.

I managed to snag a purple fade from docpop so I’m excited :ok_hand::fire:


Lol, it’s the End of the need to acquire this unicorn and yet there is much more to the story. I’ve had the most difficult year of my life. I struggle with mental health problems and have went inpatient 3 times this year (why do we crazies flock to the yoyo, who knows but I love it.)

I went through some extreme recovery, from a place to where I did not know if joy would ever be an emotion I’d be able to feel, to my current state of what feels like endless bliss (not the manic kind but what I assume it feels like to have worked through your problems in life )

So to see that the yoyo I’ve most coveted, made it’s return at the same time I was able to rise up from my mental anguish and start enjoying my life just blew my mind.

I was short on cash and wasn’t getting any hits on my BST until yesterday afternoon, a guy on FB offered me 90 for my OG CLYW Yeti (which I’d have sold for 60 but he offered) which was just enough to prepare me to try and be fast enough to land one. The fact that they sold out in a minute and I barely squeezed in an order tells me it’s fate.

So to answer your question in long form, lol I like to write sorry, this is the beginning of the End.

Thank you @DocPop


Awesome! I definitely know what it’s like to struggle in that sense, and yo-yos have really helped me find myself in times where I thought I might be too far gone. Power to you, and enjoy the End dude, you deserve it!


I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough year. I’m really glad that yo-yoing (and this particular yo-yo) are bringing joy to your life. That means a lot to me. Hopefully things are getting better and you’ll learn some rad new tricks that you can share with us.


I appreciate the kind words, and to be honest, I’m actually glad to have went through it all, I came out of it actually finding myself and being myself for the first time in what seems like forever.

Great work on the End video you put out too, it’s awesome to eat some popcorn and watch while waiting for it to arrive, lol.


Thanks for sharing your story! I can feel your joy!


Yo-yos are made for ups and downs.