My easiest yoyo combo

Check my easiest yoyo combo!

Nice trick and elements but I believe that is not the easiest combo you have. Suicides…

dude, that’s NOT easy at all :o

Winning Bird? Hong Kong yo-yo

And so?

cool trick

you sure your easiest trick isnt trpeze? thats mine… and pretty much everyone elses. not an insane combo with suicides. awesome combo though

The easiest trick is “Throw a Yoyo”. In responce to the video: Good flow, definantly some interesting stuff, but I can see where it isn’t an extremely difficult thing. Most of the elements he uses are used by MANY people.

My easiest yoyo combo! sorrry and thank you!

There must be a language barrier. Noone films their easiest stuff. I think you meant “hardest”. If this is your easiest I would like to see your hardest. Are you sure you’ve never done like barrel roll to boing e boing or trapeze to kwijibo?

edit: or are you fishing for compliments?

I simply love this vid. Your speed is great! Not too fast, so we can all see what is going on. Not too slow, so it’s not boring. The speed in which you’re doing it all makes the vid look really awesome IMO. Yet it looks smoother than butter yo!
Very nice!
Btw, what song and yoyo are you using? :wink:

I make one year video soon and you see my hardest combos too!
ps:hahahahahah :smiley: :smiley:

Song is:Escape the Fate - Gorgeous Nightmare (one of my favourite bands!!)