My cool yoyo combo {WILL BE TUTORIAL WHEN 100 VIEWS}

I will be making a tutorial for this combo. it involes suicides and triangle suicides too. its a very fun combo to know.Best with no tension, not very very hard,short , and it is

I wonder what the trick looks like?

But seriously, I can barely see what your doing.

Light shirt, light string, too close to camera.


Sorry i forgot to change the shirt to black i did that later on i didnt know it would come out like that plus i messed up the video because i was to close huhu it came out bigger than i thought so but anyway i went in double or nothing and went over once into what looks like a 1.5 mount but there is 3 strings and, drop then i went back and went double on, let go,dropped rolled then did suicide and after went into a green triangle and did triangle suicide

Dude you need a higher quality camera no one can tell what tricks your doing. But pretty good job!

This kid has more subscribers then me. Why does no one see my channel.

Well my only subscriber is my best friend. And my videos are higher quality than his too. Oh well.

And nice combo, but I’ve seen it before.