My dark magic holds random objects does yours???


so i started putting things in my dark magic (the caps come off and i put stuff in there and then put the caps on so they dont fall out) does anyone else do the same?

Here is a list of things i put in it and general view of what happened if anything

1.yoyo strings only 1 for each side
2. Drum cymbal felts (felt discs perfect size for it, thats what i am throwing currently)
3. a small amount of seeds (it rattled whenever you threw or caught it but when spinning fast no noise and it was like a randomness of the wobble, sometimes really bad sometimes alright) shot balls (kinda made an bearing like effect on the outside, loudness)
5ish?!?!?! (I’ve been thinking about putting hot glue on the inside to make a mold to put in and out but i think to have the molds be even would be too much effort and the hot glue might mess up the yoyo)

there are probably a ton of things you could use, please post ideas of things that could fit in a dark magic!!! and i will try it soon (if i have them)


what about other yoyos with caps?


the only cap yoyo i have is the dm2, but i am sure this idea will work with almost any cap yoyo

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That is a weird idea my friend , however it can annoy the hell out of people judging from what i see.


I highly suggest drum felts, it has more weight BBUUuuutt! !t also has alot more momentum for arm grinds and thumb grinds or even if you just like weighty yoyos (i do i love them)

They are probably like 4 at a music store, idk any store carries them.

also free shipping i think  ;D

I think those are the size that will fit. it looks similar to mine but i cannot be certain. it would be a 75/25 that i think those are the exact same size as mine based on looks.