Dark Magic Mods

I just posted this becouse a while ago i bought a dark magic version 1 and loved it although as i started geting better it was a little too responsive then out of no where they sent me another dark magic completely free i wondered why but i live in australia so they must have forgoten that they alredy sent one or somthing.But the up side was i took 1 side of the new 1 the side with the o ring and the old side with the o ring and i shaved both of the o rings with a razor blade added some thin shims to have a wider gap and now it AMAZING totally unresponsive and yet easy binds. so now i have 1 shaved or ring dark magic and a starburst dark magic. so i posted this to ask everyone if you have done this and if so how good is it if not i hope i gave you a good idea :wink:

P.S Im probably gonna sell the starburst DM to my friend wo wants to get into YoYo’s

Well you like it so…

I would suggest that you at least let whatever company that sent them to you know that they made a mistake. Most likely they’ll tell you that they’re grateful for letting them know but that you can keep them both. Just a suggestion to be a nice human being.

However, there is nothing wrong with responsive play. It can be fun and really smoothens out your yoyoing.

Well yer i sent them an email and they pretty much said that it happens from time to time and that i can keep it. By the way yes i like resposive play aswell so i can use starburst dark magic when i want a bit of resposive play and shaved o ring dark magic for unresposive

Im only gonna lend the starburst to my friend now

Thanks Apetrunk

i have a DM Version 1 and it’s completely unresponsive. and i didn’t do anything to it lol