My collection

here is my vid on my collection:

Is it just me or does the sig look like a ladder mount ???

kind of but I changed it up a bit,I might do a tut on it.

cool slide show. you have a real nice m1. The sig thing though, little repetitive.
tickle it

cool, The yoyos look nice.

Ya I thoght so too but I figured ‘why not?’.

What is the your m1 called, ant it like sunburst. or somthing

Im not sure,butI think its sunburst.

Cool. well its nice what ever its name
tickle it

Nice, but it looks like you used too much flash. Try not using flash and just make sure you have sufficient lighting. I think your pictures might turn out better then. Just a tip.

Thanks,I know the flash was pretty high and you couldnt even see the ks in the sig picture.

Whats your m1’s color?