M.DeV1's Generic Yoyo Collection







Enjoying that code 2?

lol. Whoops.
By the way, how’s that V play?

For sure a very fast smooth playing yoyo. I would say if you thought the halo was too heavy and not fast enough, get the V.

Are you liking the yoyo case( yoyojam bag)? Would you recommend it?

Yay for Big Yoyo String stickers! :wink:

The collection looks good Mason!

Nice! I see two H5 you must like them. How does it play ?

I love my H5’s so much! I want to get a pink one and red one. They play very solid! Real heavy sturdy throw that just has a ton of power behind it. It’s surprisingly easy to land normal tricks despite its huge size.

The yoyojam bag is a great bag! probably the best I have ever seen/used in terms of price to quality and storage capacity.

I always have Big Yoyo String stickers on me :slight_smile:

Ditto :wink: along with some spare string too of course

Your lucky to have 2 JK’s :o :o I want one so much, can’t find em’ anywhere.

My cascade :’(

And they are both signed by Alex Kato!

A trades a trade…

Ok… Time to add the v to my list

For sure! Hope. You like it.

Lol, but I got a good trade from that FG canvas. A leviathan 3 is good, right?

Very good.

That makes me feel good.