My Californias

(jared) #1

my califronias :slight_smile:

(SR) #2

That looks awesome…

(Jesse) #3,5203.0.html

I know it’s in a different section but you could have just moved it…


are those hubstacks???

(Jesse) #5

Californias always have hubstacks. They come stock with them. Jared, are you going to post pictures of your other 2 calis that you’re getting?

(jared) #6

sure ill post em now


how did you attain so many california’s???what you want for one?

(jared) #8

ur train werk muhahaa lol

(Jesse) #9

This goes to show how much yo-yos are all PREFERENCE! Californias are Jared’s absolute FAVORITE yo-yo he said, but I tried one today, (and to be fair, it WAS one of his) and hated it! I felt that it had loose binds and didn’t like the general feel of it. Weird.

(jared) #10

:o jk i now most people who try them dont like them but some people do


get the prototype. i know where a new one is instock.

(Jesse) #12

I don’t usually care about necros, but recently I’ve been caring a little more, it’s just annoying when somebody makes a post on something months old, especially if it’s something that’s not ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Plus you just said: I know where a new one is in stock. This doesn’t help anybody, try not to do it again.