My Californias

my califronias :slight_smile:

That looks awesome…,5203.0.html

I know it’s in a different section but you could have just moved it…

are those hubstacks???

Californias always have hubstacks. They come stock with them. Jared, are you going to post pictures of your other 2 calis that you’re getting?

sure ill post em now

how did you attain so many california’s???what you want for one?

ur train werk muhahaa lol

This goes to show how much yo-yos are all PREFERENCE! Californias are Jared’s absolute FAVORITE yo-yo he said, but I tried one today, (and to be fair, it WAS one of his) and hated it! I felt that it had loose binds and didn’t like the general feel of it. Weird.

:o jk i now most people who try them dont like them but some people do

get the prototype. i know where a new one is instock.

I don’t usually care about necros, but recently I’ve been caring a little more, it’s just annoying when somebody makes a post on something months old, especially if it’s something that’s not ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Plus you just said: I know where a new one is in stock. This doesn’t help anybody, try not to do it again.

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