Favorite High Performance YYF YoYo poll

Hey guys. What is your Favorite High Performance YoYoFactory YoYo out of these four?
Note: I am asking for your favorite, not the best, because its all about preference. If like a different one, feel free to post

VK =)

Best YYF I’ve ever played.


skyline or DNA :smiley:

superstar, and of corce you cant forget the dv888!!! 8)

G5 and DV888

Skyline and DV888.

What makes people like undersized yoyos? What are the pros and cons?

they can feel better in your hands :wink:

They just… do. As you said, it’s personal preference. Some people like big, some like small.

VK and DV888

Where can I try out a undersized yoyo like the 888 or Skyline? I want to figure out what I like. I have a DM right now, but I am planning on ordering an 888, Skyline, or SuperStar. Sometimes I feel like the DM is too big and its annoying, but I may find out I love small yoyos or that I really hate them. Where can I try one?

Skyline, 888, Superstar, and G5 for bonus (my opinion)

Happy Throwing! =]

Does it make a difference if you have really small hands? I have small hands.

Well, having small hands may affect your preference. Smaller hands will most likely suit smaller yo-yos better.

How can I try small yoyo’s? I don’t know anyone with one. Are there any clubs or stores or something?

Where in California do you live? Yo-yoers a relatively common in Cali.

I don’t think you need to just quote and repost what others are saying. If you want to help, I think it would be best to just add onto the post, or just not post at all. Post count doesn’t mean anything :wink:

San Francisco

Oh, thats great! So you know about BAC and California States, right?