My Cafe Racer

Literally my Cafe Racer is horrible. 90% of the time when I bind it back up it snags. Sometimes it’ll snag 4 times! I was just using it and it must’ve snagged at least 10 times it was ridiculous! Keep in mind on my other yoyos I snag after a bind like 20% of the time I throw or less. Also when my string gets tight, my Cafe Racer becomes responsive. Another thing is that since I got it (yesterday) whenever I pick it up to throw it, it snags right back to my hand. It’s really annoying heck my Asteroid has better binds than my Cafe Racer!

Clean the bearing, you must.

I’ve never cleaned a bearing, but don’t you clean it with Thin Lube? If so that’s great becasue I just ordered some for my DM2.

Here’s a good place to start learning about maintenance:

You can also do searches and find quite a bit more info.

Quick question, would nail polish remover work as good as lighter fluid or mineral spirits? I have no idea whether it’ll be a yes or no but it’ll be helpful since my sisters always have it lying around.

Use electrical contact cleaner! that stuff is waaaay better than the traditional methods and is so much faster

Ill buy it…

Problem, the first side of my bearing shield came off but my other side refuses to come off. It’s making me see rubber

If you decide to use nail polish remover make sure it’s 100% acetone and not just plain commercial nail polish remover, which can have additives like cartilage, water and vitamin e oil
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