My best spinner

After a 55 year absence (What can I say, I’ve been busy.) I have been buying and spinning tops again. I’ve purchased a Spintastics Blizzard and Trompo Grande, a S8 Gullia and a Duncan Mr. Duncan. By far, the best spinning top of the group is the Trompo Grande. It spins so fast windows rattle and leaves fall from the trees. This came as a surprise to me as I thought the Gullia would be the star.

I really don’t know enough to know why one top spins faster than another but thought I’d throw out my observation and seek comments.


It might be as simple as having the best traction and weight combination. the S8 can slip on the string a little as it has such slick sides.
Lots of people like the Trompo Grande, I find them a little hard to control. For bringing back to the hand (boomerang) I really like the

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I think i wiil get one of those

The lighter the top, the harder you can throw it.
The thicker the string the harder you HAVE to throw it.
A Guilia will still out-spin a Grande during tricks, even with a much softer throw because it is balanced and the bearings don’t jiggle.