My bearing???


Mt bearing isnt spinning freely as it should be. It feels as if it something is slowing it down


1: Did you lube it? That will do it. Play more to break in the lube.

2: Clean it. Always good to start with a cleaned bearing so you have a “zero reference point”. Lube very sparingly. Dip pin or needle in lube, touch tip of pin to a ball or two, spin, repeat process, then go play.

Start from there. It could be the bearing, it could be lube, it could be contaminants. Cleaning out the bearing properly can address the lube and contaminants issue, leaving it to be the bearing if it is in fact the issue.


touch tip of pin to a ball or two, spin, repeat process,

How do you take off the bearing to get to the balls


My bearing is making a grinding noise so i need to clean it! How do you clean or lube a bearing? Which one(or both) should i do?


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