My Apologies.

I have been getting messages off the hook on when the next interview is and I wanted to address the situation.

Although I am free 1 day a week, I use that time for yo-yo related stuff. Going to meet handing out stickers for YYE. Or doing funny clips vids for the LAUSD.

So I only have one spot open a week to interview people. When those people are busy that day, I basically sit at my comp and do nothing.

The person I was going to interview for last month got really caught up in work and just overall being active. He and I are still working on the interview as we speak.

But I feel bad.

How can I make it up to you guys?

Well I set up two other ones so while i am working on his I will send you guys some more while your waiting…

Although, it will still take a while I thank you guys for you support and patience.

I promise you won’t be Dissapointed.

The next interview will be about people who are CRUCIAL to the yo-yoing community. Well one guy is. The other, is a legend kinda. The Godfather of a division of yo-yoig we all know as _A…

Wait hang on lemme try that again… _A…

It won’t lemme type it. guess you’ll have to wait to find out.

Much love <3!

~Yin/White Mamba


Paul Yath?

Crucial… :stuck_out_tongue:

3A, Paul Yath, from the yoyo company “Crucial”

It’s okay Yin, It’s great to hear that you’re back, and the interview is coming soon.

Oh yeah! I forgot about that.

Remember they are two seperate people. And although Paul Yath is amazing at 3A…


BTW. I already interviewed him a long time ago, when Andre’ and I FIRST combined our forces…

~Yin/White Mamba

Crucial means Glasseye (?) or Paul Yath I guess.

3a was somewhat started by Mark McBride and 5a was kinda invented by Steve Brown. Atleast now we got a good start.

Okay… :stuck_out_tongue:

JD of 1A?

Maybe 5A and Steve Brown… He’s the one who came up with it and is pretty awesome…

He hasn’t interviewed Steve Brown. Or at least, I don’t think so. ???

Dr. Yoyo?

Happy Throwing! =]

paul escolar!!

He was the first person. I’ve already confirmed with Paul that its him.

And now I’m sure its Glasseye too :slight_smile: Or Paul Yath…

The godfather, hmmmmmmm…