My 3 month video


Hey guys!

I’ve been yoyoing for about 3 months now and decided to put together a video yesterday since the weather was so nice. I don’t personally know anyone else who yoyos, and I really love this forum so I would really appreciate and tips, tricks, or comments you guys might have. I hope you enjoy!


The link isn’t working for me what’s your channel name?


link should work now


Very good 3 months! Responsive yoyo or unresponsive?


I used an unresponsive N12


I wish I knew how to bind the middle of the air.


this is the video I used to learn. Its not really a sky bind but its similar


Wow! Nice work for three months. You’re already carrying a certain air of professionalism in your tricks.

(Erik Kerber ) #9

Very good for 3 months worth of throwing


you’re better than me and i’ve been yoyoing for a while