Three Months of YoYo Fun

Nothing fancy here, Three months into it and I am just stoked to be throwing! I have just focused on standard ladder tricks and putting them into combos as I get more comfortable with the yoyo. I have some boings and hops too, but they aren’t ready for prime time yet, and slacks and whips are really not clicking as fast for me as I would like.
I am in awe of you who are really adept, and I am trying to catch up as quick as I can… :slight_smile:
Tips, and constructive feedback welcome

3 months?? That’s great! You’re way ahead of where I was at 3 months. No tips here. Most of what could be said by way of constructive criticism (stay looser!) is stuff that will come naturally as your confidence in your skills increases.

Thanks for sharing!

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Great video! Constructive criticism ( I hope!) : You’re kind of standing awkwardly at some of the tricks. Ways to fix that are 1) Shorten the string a little bit or 2) try standing still when you do your trick. But i must admit, that was really great for 3 months.

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Excellent! glad to see I’m not the only non-teen, just getting into it! and from the looks you are way better off than me at 3 months.

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Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone.

I know I look a little stiff in the videos. I think I am usually a little looser when I am not in front of the camera, and when I am not trying to avoid hitting the window or the computer in the bedroom. I usually add a couple other flourishes to those combos too, but I was trying to get a clean run.

I have been picking up something new, and getting smoother every day. Hopefully I can keep up a good pace on the learning curve. This forum has helped tremendously with that so far.

Yes, I am also not a teen. In my teenage years I did other interesting stuff like competitive figure skating…yoyo is easier on my knees (although I do feel in in my elbow) :slight_smile:

I am one of the “not a teen” people, too. We did a pretty successful “Old Folks” battle not too long ago and had a good turnout. There are several of us here, and some of us are pretty active on the forums, too!

My wife was a figure skater (eventually doing only team synchro). Now she considers herself an endurance athlete I guess! Recently she’s more into crossfit and HIIT type stuff, though.

Wow 3 months huh? That’s great man keep it up.
I’m going on 2 years now… it just gets better!

BTW I was watching this video with headphone on and the kids at the end scared the crap outta me hahaha.

Great video! Keep it up, keep on practicing! Always happy to see fellow ‘‘older people’’ with a yoyo!