My 1st Place Oklahoma State Freestyle- 1A


Very well thought out! I like that Spirit bomb looking thing in the beginning. :wink:

Thought out? haha That was a true freestyle, I had trick I wanted in there, but I just threw… Lol… And thanks for the compliments.

Very nice! your fast! what yoyo are you using, im guessing a bully or wedgie since your big brothers team captain.

Its nice to see some other yoyoers in the midwest!

Actually it’s a TT proto 1/5 from BBYY. And thanks for the props

Yes, we need more throwers here in the South Central Region! Where you from?

I live in southeast Oklahoma. That’s in the south central region. I was going to go to that contest but we had to change plans. Where are you from B-Rad? Oh and great FS man! Good thing I didn’t go otherwise I would have been annihilate. Later.

Keep it spinning™

I’m from Oklahoma City, OK. What is the town/city you live in?

And thanks.

Going to contests isn’t about winning, it’s about having as much fun as possible with a bunch of friends you meet online or even at the contest!!!

I live in Wister ,OK. It’s in the south east region near Arkansas. It about a 4 hour trip from OK city. Yea that’s the main reason I wanted to go to it. How many people where there? I’m gonna try my best to go next time. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Im from Albion in Nebraska,…im stuck between north central and south central so ill just say im in the central reason! i dont even know if there is a nebraska state yoyo contest, otherwise id go just to have fun and get to know some other throwers from around my area!

Never heard of Wister, maybe you can make it to our meets sometime, we try to have them every month

About 15 people total compete, about 25 people were there. it was the biggest turnout we’ve had yet, we are an evergrowing community of OKie Yoers!

Very good freestyle! :smiley: