MVP or 54?


which is a better value?


No clue. I have a 54 and I really, REALLY like it. So I’m going to say a 54. I have a Code 1 and a MMN by One Drop as well, and I like them all a lot. I can say I’m a fan of One Drop for sure.

I haven’t ever thrown an MVP. but I know YYF makes good stuff. The only one I could consider is the silver one. The rest, I absolutely cannot stand how they are decorated.

I only have a dv888 and a Mighty Flea as metals by YYF, the rest are plastics. I enjoy them all. So, I can say that I like YYF products too.


I’ve decided to go with the 54 because everyone ive talked to about it has all said the same that the 54 is absolutely amazing.


I very much enjoyed my MVP, wonderfull spin times, great stability, and at 67 grams you can move fast if you want to with it. My friend has a 54 and I am sure that in performance value it is no match for the mvp, but I have never tried a 54. I would go with mvp.


Well in terms of dollar “Value”, the 54 because it costs less, and you can change weights and it’s a superior grinder over the MVP thanks to its pyramatte finish. However in terms of play, the MVP has superior spin times over the 54.


Where you going to get that 54?


Trade value wise, I would say the 54 has a higher value. Stock price wise, the MVP cost more. IMO, the MVP is a much better competition yoyo. The 54 cannot handle anything too “extreme”