Music to Get You Through the Hard Times

Hey guys, as I’m sure is the case with many of you, this year has hit me pretty hard. Of course there’s the obvious things going on with the world, but as things seem to do, the difficulties have really piled up. Be it struggling with health, family and financial issues, 2020 has it all.

BUT even in times like this, yo-yoing, music, and yo-yoing TO music are what gets me through the day a lot of times.

So I thought I’d start this thread with posting the music that’s been helping me out lately. Hopefully you guys can do the same. If you’re going through some rough times, or if you’ve ever been through some in the past, what music helped you out?

Right now I’ve been using this recording to help me relax at the end of the day:

But I have also been enjoying stuff from Blue Man Group like this (better to yoyo to):


Music gets me through. Over and over again.

This is also a perfect opportunity to support artists and labels and not to the middleman (Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, etc…).

Today happens to be “Bandcamp Friday” where they wave their cut and 100% goes to the artists and labels. Please consider supporting!

My tastes probably range a bit out there, but here are some picks…
Menacing drum n bass
Essential modern rap
Drone / doom metal
Electroacoustic ambient
Experimental techno
Malian guitar

…just for starters.


lol i did not think i’d see Bandcamp Friday or 100 gecs mentioned here.

I’ve been on a huge Jeff Rosenstock kick as of late

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Life of Agony - River Runs Red

… it just does


It is neither good nor bad, only thinking makes it so.
Ziggy Marley (Conscious Party)

Stay Present.

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When im feeling down, these songs never fail to put me in better spirits:

That Bach violin piece was really great, thanks for the share. E major songs are always pleasant.

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