What is your favorite yoyo made in good ol’ murica (U.S., Canada)

Yoyofactory 07 888 or G2 Triton

Chief or Capricorn.

One Drop Code 1

Probs Summit.

wouldnt quite call the summit USA… but anyway…

G2 triton.

did we lose oregon in a trade or something?

im going to say MMC.

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My favorite at the moment is the OD Yelets.


General yo klr

My question is…when did we annex Canada? I knew we had Puerto Rico.

“Moving on up…to the east side…”

The Summit was MADE in the USA. Maybe a little design from the wonderful country of Canada, but as far as manufacturing goes, that was all here.

it was even designed in the usa, there were some canadians present though.

Clyw is made at OD and OD is in japan.

Yes it is #Confirmed

General Yo Hatrick


Chief or Wooly mrmot 2 for me

Advance Scout, I’m really considering buying a second one while they’re still available. No yoyo has EVER made me want to buy a second, it’s that good!

barebones, by dif-e-yo…