Made in...

Where do these yoyo made in??
I’m wanted to know, because everybody always asks me… And I don’t know what to answer ( I maybe a noob or something)

Do they make it in China?
And where do they design it?



I assuming that your question is:

Where are all these different yo-yos made?

In that case, the answer is everywhere. Different companies make them in different places, and their design varies too.

A perfect example would be YYF’s new 888x

It’s made with parts from China, USA, and somewhere else that I forgot. It was designed in Japan and the USA. I think the 888x is unique in that it is multicultural, but there have been others that have had many different places influence its finalized design and production (HSpin/Oxygene’s H20 was made in two different countries!).

China, Russia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Korea, Switzerland, Italy.

Am I leaving anyone out?

Sorry about my English…

How about SEVERE and New Breed??


Czech Republic?

All YYJ’s are made in the US.

SEVERE and New Breed both made in USA

They were made on Earth

Not the Galactic goose, It’s out of this world :stuck_out_tongue:

Germany and Japan

How could I forget ILYY? Dang! Who’s in Japan?

Japan Technology.


Correction: YoYo Recreation