Multi Tool's bearing remover is useless?

I have a YYF multi tool and every time, it just won’t budge the bearing out. I find that pliers take the bearing out in seconds, no sweat. What are your guys’ thoughts?

Don’t have one, but use a steel tube or drill bit all the time w/o problems. It’s the same concept. But then I don’t have any YYF yoyos w/tight bearing seats.

any force that is not 100% perpendicular to the bearing will put stress on the bearing cage

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mine works great ! and plier can break your bearing so be careful.

Thanks mate, will take note of that.

Also, I’d rather buy a new bearing than use lighter fluid or other things, due to it being hard to dispose. Does new bearings come clean whether it’s lubed or not lubed?

instead use rubbing alcohol :wink:

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Perfecto! Thanks mate, never would have thought.

as a skateboarder, i always used rubbing alcohol

So how do you dispose of rubbing alcohol that is better than lighter fluid?

When I clean a bearing the amount is small enough that it can be safely absorbed in a paper towel and thrown in the trash. It will generally evaporate in the waste basket.

I think rubbing alcohol can be tossed in the street. no problem, it also evaporates quite fast. I would do that to the Zippo lighter fluid that I have since I’m a smoker, but it’s illegal to dump it in the street, flush it down the drain, or any other way you can think of, including burying it. The only legal way to do it is to find your nearest hazardous waste disposal site which is kind of a pain.

Zippo Lighter Fluid. ::slight_smile: Poof…it’s gone.

Good time for a bbq!

I think you’re over thinking this.

this discussion has gone WAY further than I imagined lol

were you observing human comportment and using us as lab rat ? you sick mad scientist >:(

I used to be the same way when I first wanted to try cleaning a bearing, but I decided there was such a negligible amount that it really doesn’t matter IMO