Muay Thai


I recently signed up for Muay Thai … its pretty intense!!!

anyone else into it ?

I got gloves and shin guards … i need to get head gear / mouth guard and some thai pads so I can train at home.

I go here :

trying to get my fat butt in shape


No, but I did do Sanshou (Chinese kickboxing) for two years. Stopped mainly because I got tired of getting smacked in the head.


I do MMA-style kickboxing (as opposed to “North American” with kicks all above waist, or pure Muay Thai). I’m an older dude, so I totally threw my back out while being the pad-holder during a round of practicing knees in the clinch. Took a few weeks off, but I’m back at it again.

No more knees in the clinch for me.

Got my mouth, shin, and head guards but honestly don’t do a lot of sparring. I mostly do it to stay in shape so I tend to focus on drills with a partner whereby you trade off on holding the thai pads for each other.


My brother goes to muay thai classes twice a week. Comes with a whole host of injuries every time. That was enough to turn me off XD



have you seen “Fight Club?”
Or if you’re hoping to get in shape, you could do what I did when I felt fat and needed to change: eat less and work out hard.


yea i need to control my urges to eat … i love food lol.

i have been doing it for a month now and haven’t been injured … unless he is fighting or sparring / training to start fighting… in that case yea you can get hurt … its kick boxing lol but I don’t do that …i am in it for the workout … but offcourse you will be sore … cus you get kicked and punched while holding thai pads etc … but thats part of the game :slight_smile:

yea i dont sparr or anything … mostly do the drills … where you do cardio for 10 mins then trade off holding thai pads… kicking and punching … i don’t think i will join the fight team … which is like the next step. but its still pretty intense and i am loving it. I might try sparring though …


Your instructors will start you with what are more like “sparring drills”. There’s very light contact (no more than 50% at MOST) and the drills are largely prescribed. But you still get to work your reflexes and learn to avoid strikes when necessary or eat them gracefully as needed. Our instructor will pattern it out like, “First partner throws a light 3 punch combo of any sort, and then a low round switch kick. Second partner checks the kick and counters with any 2 punch combo. Then change.” You don’t know exactly what to expect, but you’re not totally in the dark; you know punches are coming and then a specific kick.

Some people do more “free” sparring after class, but during the main part of the class it’s fairly prescribed.

Of course, anybody interested in joining the fight team or working on their skills with a willing partner can enquire about supervised light contact sparring as well.

All in all, it’s great fun. I would be almost as happy doing a pure “boxing” workout (my favourite part is hand work) but kickboxing has been great and it’s super convenient (I can train over my lunch hour).


wow yea i bet that is coming up next … we are not sparring yet but i know i will get there soon … i am still doing the foundations … the next classes are all levels … which is when they do more sparring and use less pads … i still have along way to go … I have seen people sparring though … one of my friend tried sparring with the instructor and he said he kept on getting tripped up every time … the instructor would just kick directly into his stance and if he is not stable he would trip and fall … its awesome!!!


i’ve never done muay tai, but i did earn up to a red belt in tae kwon do. i stopped because i decided that i had to move on and pursue other things, but someday i will get my black bely.


You just broke rule 1 and 2… Your out!

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I do judo. I have a friend who does muy thai. It seems pretty interesting.


I didn’t break any rules. I spoke about about the movie, not about my friends basement :wink: