Mrcnja's Mods


Very cool! hows it play

It is a bit light (I might estimate it to be around 50-55 grams) and it has some vibe to it, but overall it is still a fun yo-yo. It’s beauty is up there too, which is a bonus.

Would it be possible to see what it looks like on the inside?

I really like how you finished it. It really brought out the beauty in the wood.

(Click for larger picture)

Simple amazing, inside and out. No cutting corners anywhere. Silicone recessed I assume?

Keeping it solid helped keep the weight up. The design is simple and elegant. it almost reminds me if the Agape went wood!

I’d say if there was a way you could install a brass weight ring on the outer rim or somewhere on the outside to get it up to like 64+ grams, that thing would be killer. As is, it’s still a fine looking piece of work.

That’s one of the things the new “makers” of wood yoyos have been missing: the finish. Rub some stain on their and bring out the wood!

This is just a tease for what is to come.

Zombie rims?

Reminds me of a corked bottle top. The wood is beautiful though. I can envision you carving that wood to keep the lines flowing from the rings.

Reminds me of the jamboo. I would be interested in getting one if you decide to sell them.

Here’s what she looks like finished:

(Click for more pictures)

Specs: 59.0mm diameter, 46.7mm width, 65g (guestimated), 4.6mm gap

Mods done: Zombie rims chopped and parted from donor yo-yo. Bearing seat salvaged from the same donor Zombie. Hub was custom made out of padauk. Then everything was polished until it shined.

How does she play?

Looks awesome!

Without being tuned, this thing wobbles more than any dubstep track. Tuned well (a feat in itself because this thing is pretty temperamental) it just has a pulsating vibe. It won’t win any awards for smoothness, but it is completely playable when tuned.

wubwubwub! isshot

I know this is a Necro,


Do you have any more mods or creations to show us?

I have seen yours and they’re beauties.

I’ve been playing around with different axle systems and came up with this:

50.7mm Diameter
42.0mm Width
3.9mm Gap

This is sick!

Here are a few more pictures of the yo-yo:

I’m excited about cutting my first bearing seat and not messing it up.

I have no idea what I’m saying but what if you adapted the axle system to accept side effects? I know wood has weight issues, do the math for each half and it should be able to balance out the wood somewhat right?

I know it’s hard to tune a wooden yoyo to be balanced, since wood isn’t a completely homogenous material, but if you can make a wood and brass in a somewhat “Inspire” shape that’s fairly balanced, i would be willing to pay a good bit for it.