Mr Yoyo Guy video challenge

The challenge was to film in 6 different locations in 2 hours (getting permission from the location owner / manager) and to have the video edited by midnight (a total of 5 hrs). We accomplished our mission including researching and purchasing music. Rendering was included, however, export and uploading time were not included. Anyone else up for the challenge? (5 types of filming techniques were used-Focus, Distance, Movement, Angle, Position (FDMAP). Camera used was a Canon XA10

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Thanx Mr. Yoyo Guy. That was a lot of fun to watch. You look like you’re a great kid

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Thank you!

Bump, incase you guys haven’t seen it…

Your on! I will do it on tuesday! This. Week!

Sounds like fun, ill give it a shot. Ill post here later the day im attempting it.

Anyone else planning on giving it a shot?

That was a cool video. Good job.

darn you Mr YoyoGuy, I have had that song from your video stuck in my head all day long. It won’t get outta there. It’s a great song, no doubt. It just keeps sprinting from one side of my cranium to the other. Of course you realize what this tells you, I’ve gone back and watched your vid several times now. You got me hooked.

Thanks! the band is awesome, but sadly they just released their last album ever… And I’m glad you liked the video! It means a lot.

Thanks! The music just kind of fell into place with the video!

I would still kind of like some one to do this. Sorry for the necro.

(Still never saw Abby’s and Duskeye’s?)

Yeah, this was a cool video and challenge. Maybe the necro will help people discover it who may not have seen it before. :slight_smile: It’s just a good video anyhow, even if people don’t do the challenge… so worth the bump so that people can watch it!

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Hey this was really cool man! A ton better than me! :P. I always see you a lot on the forums, cool to see a video of your’s for the first time!

Thanks! I actually have a couple on the same channel.

Duskeye did his. It’s his Good Time video,he can correct me if I’m wrong…