I’m planning to get my first MPC, to get into making beats. I’m wondering if an MPC-500 would be a good choice for my first one. I have some basic drum machine knowledge, and play a few instruments so I’m not totally clueless, but I could use some advice.
I mainly want it for fun, messing around, but also want to use it to its full potential. Any suggested upgrades?


wouldn’t it be better just to get a drum?

Bump, advice anyone?

The Akai MPC-series has been the standard for this kind of work, but anything that can play/trigger and record sounds will suffice. I don’t follow this series since I have other gear.

I would say if you’ve got the gear already, a MIDI interface(if necessary) and some sequencing software would be all you’d need.

I use the Launchpad for triggering sounds for events.

What are your end goals? Performance? Songwriting? Recording?

Lots of equipment is suitable. Most of us do fine with what we’ve got. But, if we find something that helps us with our workflow, we move towards it. The only time there is a wrong answer is when you can’t work with the gear or the gear doesn’t make good sound.

Thanks for the advice!
I really just want something to sample and make beats, and eventually share them on Soundcloud. I guess you could say songwriting. Just for fun, something new to try.