MoYo and mods

After spending previous contests trying to balance having fun and finding great trades I decided it would be best to set up most of my trades before even showing up. So, this thread is mainly designed to set up trades with those going to moyo.

I’m mainly looking for trades. If you want I can also do mod work and bring it to moyo to save on shipping costs. If you are not going to moyo we may still be able to work something out (mod work especially).

PM all offers and any questions you may have. More detailed pictures for most yo-yos are here. Click for larger picture:

Row one:

Hayabusa 4/5 has some offstring marks, but other than that everything is perfect on it.

Pair of Hyper Raiders 4/5 one has had it’s spacers cut down and gap cranked. If you want I can do this to the other one.

Pair of Sunset NXG’s 4/5 They are siliconed and have a couple of specs and marks on them I probably won’t trade these since they are my favorite loopers at the moment.

Henry’s Viper hub with mini diabolo rims 3/5 plays just fine but the rims are covered in the black marks that diabolo rims acquire.

Aquarius 3/5 has regular offstring marks and a broken bearing. (outer race is cracked)

Row two:

Superstar 3.5/5 has some marks on the rims but nothing affects play.

Metal Zero v2 4/5 checkerboard satined and has one silicone sticker.

Trainwreck 2.5/5 beat but plays nicely.

Atmosphere 4.9/5 it has one mark on it but it is tiny and extremely hard to find.

Russel Super 2.5/5 beat, but is a decent fixed axle yo-yo.

Hyper Wasp 2.5/5 one side is cracked and the caps look like they were stored in an extremely humid place at one point. mmm nostalgia

Metal Drifter 4.5/5 has a mark or two but plays perfectly with its one silicone sticker and is perfectly tuned.

Zombie 4/5 has one mark on the rims

Row three:

Agape 4/5 good condition but has one considerable ding on one side. (has hearts satined in on that side too!)

Dash 3/5 has a number of dings on the rims. No bearing

2010 FH2 5/5 perfect condition and one silicone sticker. I can mod it if you want.

Mini Mo-Tu 5/5 great condition and has silicone rings.

Henry’s Lizard 4/5 the plastic transaxle has some marks on it from pliers, but that doesn’t affect play.

2010 FH2 5/5 perfect condition and has friction stickers in it. I can mod it if you want.

FHZ 4.5/5 I’ll probably be keeping this one.

Row four:

Protostar 3.5/5 both rims have one crack. Tuned and plays beautifully.

TFL 4.5/5 satined and siliconed. I can satin some design onto it if you want.

PGM v2 4/5 has a flat spot or two, but plays nicely.

2010 FH2 5/5 perfect condition and has one silicone sticker in it. I can mod it if you want.

Projam 5/5 Stock like it should be.

Kickside 4/5 has a spot where it was dropped onto concrete during 5a stock and perfect aside from that.

Mosquito 4/5 painted and recessed. (recess isn’t my best)

Lyn Fury 3/5 vibey and responsive. I think it has a bent hub. I’ll probably keep it around for doing a hub mod.

Looking for Freehand Zeroes and Mosquitos especially, but please offer anything.