trade NEW yoyos

If you want new yoyos im your man

[b]MOD EDIT: You need to post what you have and pictures of them. Also you have to post prices. If you want to continue with this thread I suggest you pm me to get this thread unlocked.


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what will you trade for a fh2,cosmic spin and big yo

Ok… Well, I can see this is your first post. WELCOME! Just some tips, you might want to post on what you have and include details and pics. 'Cause right now it looks like you are a brand new guy with his favorite yoyo as the Dark Magic trying to sell BRAND NEW YOYOS.

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Kei, while I agree with you completely, you can’t judge him by his lack of feedback. His posting skills are lacking, but that will come with time. :wink:

Where did I say about feedback? And your right. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, whoops. Misread your meaning. Thought you were riding him for being new to trading. Carry on

Just be prepared to ship first.

Whatcha got there buddy?

i can tell ur from the west coast and yeah might wanna focus on some posting and feedback AND trade before anyone warms up to u bro :stuck_out_tongue: :-[ sry thats how it goes unless u have another forum pg