Im back, better than ever, have some Good trades for you guys...plz respond

Hey guys, I, again, have taken a while off of yoyoexpert and want to get back into it again now that my xc season is over…I have a few new yoyos, a severe, velocity, superstar, legacy, dm, aquarius, kickside, speed beetle, and sunset trajectory now make up my collection. I only have a problem with the response system falling out of it and it broke. I am probably going to silicone it or k-pad or something, any suggestions?? I also am looking to expand my collection to some more upscale yoyofactories, one drops like m1’s and projects, or even some spyy’s… any offers, anything is up for trade or sale except superstar and severe…

This is the general yo-yo forum. That means any and all B/S/T is not allowed here.

As for your yo-yo’s response, just buy a tube of silicone and go for it.