Magic yoyot5 response?

Wat is its response system and where can I get it?
I might get a onestar or something depeding on what and how much it is.

I have the T5 overlord and I found that the response was hard and smooth. After about 5 days of throwing, I realized that it needed silicone and now that I have it siliconed it is fantastic. Highly recommend it as a first metal. As for the onestar, I have never used one but wanted one. I bought a speedaholic and it is on the way. The speedaholic is heavier which i liked.

I recommend silicone as well

You can use flowable silicone. It also appears to be compatible with CBC slim pads and YYJ silicone response.

I can verify the CBC Slim Pads. I run White YYF Pads in it and it’s wonderful.