I'm new and looking for yoyos and trading cards

Hey guys I’m new to the forums and I need some yoyos.I made a list below:

Yoyo factory whip(would like blue)(DONE )
Yoyo factory one(DONE)
Yoyo factory Onestar(DONE)
Yoyojam DM (1)
Yoyojam DM (2)(DONE)
Duncan proyo
Duncan Profly
Lots of stickers and trading cards wanted

I will also buy your broken yoyos that you can no longer use!!!I am trying to go cheap to get my collection up.Right now I’m using a Yoyofactory protostar.Is that a good choice?Ive been yoyoing for about 2 months and I found yoyoexpert on via Facebook.And I came to the site and now I’m here!If I’m doing anything wrong please tell me.Thanks for looking!

Make sure to check my message. Sent you a PM