A word from the wise some may find interesting. ( especially newer players).
You don’t have to limit your tricks to the “torso frame” in front of you.
You have a body, and the body was created to move. While doing intricate tech within the frame is awesome, and something I love to see with its creation within, there are so many other realms of expression outside of the frame, utilizing every part of your body.
Rather than thinking of a frame in front of you, think of a frame that is all around you, surround you, even more than a frame, take things off plane! Almost like a hamster ball for humans, you have the space, movement, and flexibility, utilize it!

Nice to branch out and discover new realms. Try it!


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Arm tricks, leg tricks, behind the back tricks, behind the back arm tricks and anything else you can think of are super cool tricks. Body tricks=Cool.

My house is too small for all these movements. Never really get a chance unless I’m outside.


I’ve really be experimenting with arm wraps and neck wraps lately. It’s great. Also, when I am doing tricks, I always move my arms up and down with the yoyo or my knees going up and down, maybe stepping back or forward where it feels right. It’s a great time if you do it with the flow. It’s a whole new experience of yoyoing when your body’s also in motion, and I honestly do recommend that everyone tries it out.

How about to keep freestyles more interesting, make the performer use the entire stage(within reasonable limitations)?

In the floor excercise in gymnastics, they have to go corner to corner, using all 4 corners, which therefore constitutes using the entire apparatus.

Granted, some stages are larger than others, but using your terms, make the “frame” 12’X12’ wide/deep, and have them more around a bit. Of course, in my interpretation, I’m not going to restrict people to staying within the frame. I mainly want to encourage performers to “move around a bit”. Although in my observation, most do move around a bit. It seems to be the younger performers and those lacking competition experience tend to stay in a much smaller frame.

Regardless, I won’t compete, that’s not what it’s about for me. Also, my movement is hindered by health concerns(long term injuries) and lack of skills. I still think your idea has a lot of merit.

Also thought I should say that Rojas mixes tech and body quite perfectly together, strive to make tricks like his.

Well, now I’ve got a theme for my next combo. I’ll admit I’ve definitely been focusing too much on torso-frame tech lately.

Anthony rojas and john narum!

if i dont go to jail before i get to compete in VA states… Lol make sure you catch the video of my freestyle. Hahaaa