Body Incorporation Tricks?


Hey everyone!

Can you all please take a moment to watch this video of Gentry Stein?

If you watch this video, you notice how he uses his body in all of his tricks? the string wraps around his arms, shoulders, and neck etc.

I am looking into learning these kinds of tricks that incorporate your body.
Can you guys please name some I should learn or post links to tutorials?
Thank you so much!!!


Bump please!

CLYW said to copy some of John Ando’s early 2008 tricks. But does anyone know of tricks I can find inline tutorials for?

(velez_adrian) #3

I just say put your arm in a trapeze or something, just let the string go around your arm or something, I didn’t need a tutorial because there aren’t real tutorials on arm tricks, just mess around with the string and try something.


ando’s stuff is a definitive starting point for sure. watch that freestyle a bunch of times and just try to absorb teh awesum.

I started properly exploring arm/wrist stuff after learning this badboy by Yuji kelly

as velez says, just try sticking your wrist in where you would normally put a finger, and then when you start using forearms/top of your arms you can start playing with turning your body to get it to wrap different ways. Likewise sliding segments from upper to lower arm or from lower arm to fingers can give some interesting mutations on your mounts mid-trick

(Zammy Ickler ) #5

Check out my Z-tutorials, I have head and arm based tricks/combos that you can learn. Worth going to.