I am looking for new tricks

im looking for body tricks like And whut because i learned most of the tricks on YYE except for ladder escape. ???

Well, And Whut isn’t a body trick. If you want Body tricks:


Skip to 3:09 (Jensen Leg Bind) and 3:43 (Eric Koloski Arm Trick):

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And Whut is not a body trick. A body trick incorporates with your body, as the string or yoyo going around you in a way. Around the neck, arm are body tricks.

If you learned everything here in YYE, you can also learn Ladder Escape first, it’s not so hard although it’s one of the top tricks on the list.
Or you could try out youtube, there are many tutorials there, YoYoSkills or Jayyotutorials are also great.

i diddint mean body tricks, i meant longer tricks like and whut and turntablism.

Have fun with the first one. Be careful of what you wish for:

Go to youtube and type in:

famous yoyoer name Trick Tutorials

They’re extremely hard to do such as Jensen Kimmitts. Also you can make tricks up yourself or try to copy what others do. Kimmitt made many videos like Ghost etc, you can get some inspiration there.

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