What trick is this?

I think he does it twice in the video:


Is there a name/tut for that trick? Thanks in advance.

i think it’s some kind of doing slack double or nothing without catching the slack and at the same time doing wrist whip, untrapeze and whip the slack into the gap. i came up with the same thing, not sure if it’s the same

Its ladder escape i believe u can learn here… very hard to find website…http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/090-master-ladder-escape.html lol

Dear most unobservant person,
                                            he already knows ladder escape, and if you bothered to look at the video, you would see thats not what he is talking about

It isn’t ladder escape. I would know that trick when I see it. It starts with one of the wrist mount variations (“over whip” I think) that are taught here. While ladder escape starts with a ladder mount.

It is definitley not Ladder Escape. Ladder Escape only has 1 “whip” while as this has a few. The structure of the trick is also much different compared to the Ladder Escape. This one is more “3D”.