Looking for body tricks

I want a new trick that involves using an arm or around the neck, something flashy and not too hard to learn

If you wear a cap I have seen some tricks involving them. Look up hat yoyo tricks on YouTube, some of them are really neat looking. Who knows, if you don’t wear a cap, maybe you’ll start wearing them

Look up Ballista by Zammy. His YouTube account is Zamstrom.

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I recently made one up, I might have to tweak it a little, it’s pretty easy, I’ll make a tutorial sometime soon.

Post some links and I’ll check them out

“Ballista”, a neck-wrap green triangle. Very flashy, some risk and fun.

“Gladiator”, the sequel to ballista which is a doubled up version of it. Very fun and neat effect.

“False Blitz”, one of my favorite arm tech due to the breaking element.



Best advice I can give besides zammy’s videos… watch Adam Brewster play. He inspires a lot of my body stuff.

Well, there is Simpson Wong “Simpsons awesomeness”. Look on the duncan toys playlist, “Tricks” and look for Simpsons awesomeness. It’s a gt around your neck. Looks pretty cool.

There’s also headlock by RethinkYoyo. Look that up as well