Any backwood bikers on here?

i go single tracking once in a while. most of the time i just rock the pavement with friends with my Trek 3500!

I ride through my friends woods around his house sometimes. Does that count?

Full body armor downhill is my favorite, just came down off the mountain. I also enjoy a great deal of single track. When I can’t snow ski I like to mountain bike. (No big crashes yet this year! (yet))

I mostly road ride because it’s convenient, but I’ve been into cross-country mountain biking for about 15 years. Just got out on some new trails last Tuesday.


I have some mountain biking trails that go behind my school, and my friends are planning on riding them.

The closest trail system to where I live is this brilliant spot called Shindagin Hollow. Well maintained, even, singletrack with a few fire roads smack in the middle. Great variety of catwalks and log rides. go out there at least 2 times a week.

I love to mountain bike, as the best trails in Wisconsin are 1 hour from my house. I rock my 2012 Specialized Rockhopper 29er on the pavement too :wink:

My brother does downhill…