Mountain biking

Does anyone know if Vitus mountain bikes like the VRS+ is any good, I can’t find any videos on it?

It’s about as much as you can hope for at the price point. Groupset isn’t a range topper but nice overall. The dropper is the only major component I’d worry about but I’m sure it will be fine for a while. Honestly that’s the kind of bike I enjoy. I can live without plus tires and it’s a little slack in the front end geometry for my riding but I love hardtails
Edit- I didn’t point it out specifically but the 1x drivetrain is finally starting to trickle down to sub 2k bikes which is nice and this bike has it. The gear range here is nice but if you plan on doing a lot of climbing or live in an area with a lot of elevation change, it is totally possible for an average rider to run out of gears with a 1x11 drivetrain. I race, and I climb pretty well if I do say so myself (over 4 watts per kilo FTP) and there are times I wish I had more range on my 1x11.

TLDR this bike is nice but it is aimed more at downhill riding than uphill. Just something to keep in mind.