mostly FS Werrd/Duncan/YYJ/YYF/Hspin/ILYY/Yomega

I’m looking to sell most of these throws. Willing to negotiate on prices O0.

4xl - just 1 ding, doesn’t change play in anyway still smooth and the jimmy hats are fun. GONE

NVX - has a few scuffs and has a fair amount of dings on each half but still smooth as butter and a very nice throw. GONE

hitman hybrid - basically mint found no dings on it. 15 pounds / $24

fiesta - basically mint for a 4a yoyo 1 or 2 scratches o.0, plays really nice. GONE

Darkmagic yyn edition - it has a few very small scraps in the ano. 15 pounds / $24Pending

Aquarius - all the normal offstring scuffs, plays nice and smooth. 10 pounds / $16

jamboo - rims will need a bit of a clean, might not be much of a player but its a nice yoyo to own.

big-yo - been used for offstring so it has all those off string scuffs on it but still plays how a big-yo should.8 pounds / $13

legacy - has a few scuffs round the rims but it still plays real nice. 10 pounds / $16

Counter attack - mint in box never been opened 18 pounds/$29
picture will be added soon but it is trans blue with gold weight rings on the inner ring

Frantic - has dings and scratches, nice little beater yoyo GONE

888x - has a few dings and is scuffy on both halfs but still plays very smooth. GONE

loop 720 x2 - I learned must basic loops on them and 2 handed loops. No dings but i think a few light scuffs they still loop like they were brand new. 12 pounds / $19

Rocket - some small dings round the rims on both halfs and a few light scuffs but still smooth as. 45 pounds / $74GONE  

E1ns 2010 - no dings just a bit scuffy. still plays extremely smooth. GONE

Maverick - mint no box it surprised me it actually plays really well. 18 pounds / $29

raider x2 raider ex x1 + some string - a few scuffs on them nothing bad they still loop nicely.
15 pounds/ $24

Hayabusa - mint but no box. GONE

freehand zero - mint but no box. 9 pounds / $14 Pending

freehand 2 - mint no box. 4 pounds / $6

bumblebee - mint but no box. 4 pounds / $6

wants list
70p slash or melon

the 888x is now gone. common guys offer up. the yoyos are looking for a nice home, they say I’m not giving them enough love. so adopt a yoyo today and show em some love <3 don’t let them down :’(

come on guys offer up, don’t be afraid

come on guys i need some cash to fuel my yoyo addiction, help a fellow yoyoer out :’( new stuff will be added to the thread later on so look out for them

arrg, i have to keep converting pounds into Dollars :-[

sorry about the prices not being converted and all just fixed it :smiley: