Most stable and long spinning yoyo out there....


What do you think it is?


CLYW Cliff


Dreadnought G.


C3 yoyodesign BTH, but if you want a yoyo to play, strum panzer stealth ogre.

(rizkiyoist) #5

So far Dreadnought G and Clash 2012.
Been yoyoing for a long time yet I can’t really play with them properly, they are too heavy AND rim weighted at the same time… but really really really stable, smooth like literally zero vibe, and definitely long spinning. I throw my friend’s Clash yesterday, hard, the response broke (turns out it was RTV, ouch) on the first hard throw, hits my finger so hard leaving bluish mark that still hurt at the moment I’m writing this.
BTH will “outstable” them but I don’t think it’s designed to do any trick other than sleeper…


Buddha King G5.


thinking C3 still holds the record with the BTH


ironyJP '13




Playable yoyos is what he wants probably.


Really? It does now look like it has too much rim weight, but I’ve never tried it.


I mean does NOT have too much rim weight.


The JP is an absolute competition monster, it’s everything a great competition yoyo should be, mad stability and good spin times are some of those qualities. Not to mention it’s a beast at horizontal and Fingerspins.