Opinions about the c3 bth

I love the idea of throwing a 220 gram yoyo but even if my wrists could handle it, could I actually perform with it if I were to practice enough

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Its not meant to perform, it’s meant for spin times. I have never used one so I have no idea as to what extent you could do tricks with it. The masamaxx is a great way to go if you are looking for super stable, long spinning and heavy, yet still able to do tricks.

Do you know if they plan on a restock?

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I just traded one last week, it’s weight makes it pretty much unplayable besides a sleeper.

I don’t believe they plan on restocking the BTH

I thought BTH was a concept yoyo designed just for setting a world record sleeper. C3 made enough for YYE to sell, but, my understanding is this was not a string trick yoyo and, it was a one time run.

Thanks guys, I have no interest in the c3 now, I wanted an extremely heavy string trick yoyo

Yo-yo master in development

Actually it can be used as a String Trick yoyo…

But the only trick you can really do with it is ‘Walk the Elephant’.

Oh, actually I forgot it would prolly be sweet for Eli hops or boingy boingy. :nerd_face:

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no plan to make it again ! only one production run