Most identifiable yoyo during play?

^ what do you think is the easily identified yoyo during play?

I’d say Yeti. That hub with the blue sticker :slight_smile:

Uh BTH for sure. It doesn’t even move :wink:

i would have to say it would be the yeti also

Yeti or Protostar

Yeti or grind Machine

MFD Lesula

Big yo

Nahh you might get a protostar mixed up with a northstar or something :3

I’d say… a tondo lol

Mighty flea.


arctic circle

PGM, I’d recognize those weight rings anywhere.

Duncan imperial

You even need to use it’s own custom string. Mental.


:blush: lol its a fun little toy and nothing more distinct comes to mind.

Any OD with side effects?

TMBR/wooden yoyo.

Dark Magic.



The Mondial.

What ever angle you view it from it’s pretty easy to tell what it is.

Dm2 is pretty easy. Mighty flea as well.

Any OD with side effects?

what about the yoyos that OD have let use the side effects? Vitality, hazmat, victory? Not one drop but have side effects

TMBR/wooden yoyo.

very few stand out from the crowd of other woods though

Dark Magic. legacy?

Superwide/Monster what is different between these two?

Light Up FHZ.

Protostar. Especially the neon colors. I don’t think there are any others with such bright colors? Am I wrong?