Witch are you most exited for???

They’re already out…

Counter Attack.

Honestly, all of them. Death to Metal!

I know :-[

They’re already out…

Counter Attack.

lol, Samad said the exact same thing as me, but posted before.

LOL :smiley:

definitely counter attack. being similar to Grind machine just makes it aweosme

Those are already out and i like the counter attack.


pocket change ;D

I have tried all of them, and I like the Counter-Attack best by far.

counter attack performs about equivalent to a pgm

You spelled EXCITED wrong… :P. Anyways, the Counter-Attack

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Lol… I want to try this brind machine…

Im exCited for my DIE-NASTY thats in the mail

I can say that i’m not really excited either way. I’m actually more interested in New YYJ yoyos. Not saying these are worst just because they are YYF but its my small preference atm. I think each has its own lil spot on where it’d be the better. I can’t really choose which would be better. But its a new yoyo! And new yoyo’s are spiffy!

whoops didn’t even notice that i’ll change it right now

has anyone tried the pocket change? if so, how is it for 1a?

None of them.

Well… I’m getting a boss which is better than the pocket change and counter-attack. And I wouldn’t try 5a on a metal… So the Die nasty is the logical choice for me!

You haven’t tried one have you… same shape and feel. Totally different play, 1000x smoother than a PGM.

counter attack rules my socks