Most durable yoyo(s)

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I’ll second the Mantis. It’s my favorite yoyo, that 7075 ain’t playing around. Well, it is… You know what I mean.


Not really – look at Unprld Abduction, it’s 7075 and $55 at YYE. Or Top Deck, it is also 7075 and $79 at YYE.

I agree that for durability per dollar your best bet is probably monometal 7075? Beyond that, a used titanium maybe :wink:

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Can I ask a dumb question? What is a “7075”?


It is a type of aluminum, the most common is 6061.

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Is 7075 likely to become the standard grade aluminum for all metal yoyos in the future?

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7075 aluminum is a more premium grade of aluminum, because it is stronger and heavier than the current standard, 6061. 6061 is considered the standard because it is cheaper and dense enough for the application.


Oh I forgot about 7068 mono metals which are supposed to be even stronger? See the YYF Ultra series.

Based on my later testing with a concrete and hammer, it is quite difficult to damage plain old 6061 aluminum. The only place damage matters is around the bearing seat where the axle is.

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The 7075 Metal Skyva is $64.99 USD.


Yeah too bad about those splashes tho

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Yeah. I stumbled upon some 7075 Aluminium yoyos under $90. Here is a list

C3YoYoDesign Gungnir - $69.99

YoYoFactory X Turning Point Ex-Machina - $69.99 (Sold out)

C3YoYoDesign Re:Master Galaxy - $65.00 - $75.00

YYF Cyborg 2.0 - (On sale) $44.99

Yicheng Luo L1 Hurricane Retro - $85.00

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7075 is rated as having only average corrosion resistance, whereas 6061 is rated as having excellent corrosion resistance. Maybe an important consideration in high humidity environments?

Is 7003 being considered, and if so, what benefits would it be expected to bring (over 7075)?


Yeah in the world of metals things can seem backward. In certain applications where corrosion or fatigue is a factor (usually chemical compatibility issues, but sometimes heat cycling), a metal can be considered TOO hard. The softer metals or alloys of a metal are less brittle and less likely to fail catastrophically.
Enough with the metallurgy lesson nobody asked for :grin:
I think the densities/strengths of 7075 and 7003 are too similar for 7003 to generate any interest in the yo-yo world.


The one yoyo I don’t mind taking a beating is probably the Magicyoyo N12. So cheap but it really isn’t too bad at all and is pretty solid!

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Dylan Kowalski has some pretty cool videos where he tests the durability of yo-yos. (Lol)


The answer to that is no.

It may become the standard acceptable grade(be used more often than 6061; perhaps).

7068 has better specs.

A lot depends on what the Market indicates is necessary to perpetuate sales.

If people in large enough numbers; feel that 6061 is inferior and won’t/ don’t buy yoyos made with that alloy; then the Manufacturers will adjust accordingly.((There is No profit in no sales).

If 7068 becomes viewed as ‘upper level stuff’; then 7068 may become the accepted alloy.

To stay within root cost parameters; some Makers may simply use lower cost alloys to pump out most all of their lower price point yoyos.

7075 will be viable for a long time regardless of whatever else comes into play.

Comparing the upper level alloy specs is somewhat pointless above a certain grade. Just because a certain alloy makes a more durable; doesn’t mean it’s the only valid choice. Might be overkill unless you are Totally crazy dangerous with your yoyos.

Think about it. It’s almost like asking, ‘Who is stronger; Superman or Supermans’ son’?

At a certain point; it doesn’t really matter. It will depend on how picky people get and/or how the Makers approach the situation to generate sales.


Yes, we beat one up with a hammer and concrete and documented it all for science here. SPOILER ALERT: turns out, aluminum yoyos are shockingly durable, unless you damage the bearing seats or axle…


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Here’s a couple


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Wow! He brought out the arrows lol.

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I have a Replay Pro I keep at work that has been smacked into the concrete floor of my machine shop countless times, still plays


I want military grade aluminum like used in the Ford F150 :rofl: