Most cool looking trick (in your opinion)


For me it would be gyroscopic flop or Eli hops. What are yours??


Yukki Slack
Horizontal uhhhh can’t remember the name… I’ll edit this if I can remember it. It’s like where you spin the yoyo outside and inside your hand, its a repeater…


Figure 8?
Harrison Hurricane?


UFO orbit regen
Shoot the moon regen


That behind the back horizontal finger spin between the legs pass bind.


that by carlos braun?


Circular Eli Hops.


circular boingy boing
circular seasick




(major_seventh) #10

All of those….


Grandma Kimmit sandwich, and i still love watching a really nice superman. and pump house is sweet looking when its done smooth, o and heart vessel


anything by anyone at clyw, the level of flow/smoothness is soooo high

(YoYoStringLab) #13

There’s an awesome looking trick starting at 0:57.


This is literally the coolest trick I’ve ever seen.


Horizontal kamikaze mount revolutions, like whut so sick

(Former National 4A Champion) #16



thats pretty much a horizontal red halo…that is cray shiz man, never seen that b4,thats some rad throwing. :o


This trick has been around since at least 2005. I dont know where exactly it originated, but I recall that mickey did it in several performances. Around 2005-2006 when I was still living in China this was the only horizontal trick considered to be ‘‘accesible to the average thrower’’ and as a result got a lot of hype, until the introduction of low wall yoyos by late 2008. Even Luo Yicheng did it on stage worlds 2008. Since it used a simple gyro flop as entry without the need of a true horizontal throw and immediate angle adjustions, it was apparently by that time considered easier than tricks that do require those. Today it is still used by a lot as the example in intro to horizontal tuts, while single mount combos like btwister and gerbil stuff have become much easier than it with the prevalence of low walls.


Speaking of halos: