Who is the "founder" of sideways yoyoing?

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The first person I saw do it was Jensen Kimmitt back in 2010, but I know someone has done it before him. I’m not entirely sure on the subject as it was pretty much popularized (I believe) when I took a break from yoyoing.

So… I’m curious. Let’s see if we can decide on a person.


The first time i saw it was from Mickey in 2004 worlds.

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Yuuki was doing it a while back

I think is Shinya Kido in 09 was the first to have actual combos that lasted for more than 2-4 seconds I also believe he was also the one that made it mainstream and popular in contests

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Wow… I guess it dated back further than I thought.


I remember seeing a video quite a while ago, some time around 2008 or 2009, in which the player did some horizontal revolutions.

I have no idea who it was, but it was pretty nifty.

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Horizontal Revolutions? How does that differ from vertical revolutions lol… It’s spinning in all different directions.


It was revolutions rotated 90 degrees. The side of the yoyo was parallel to the ground.

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That’s got to take some skill.

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Ah, interesting. That’s pretty cool.


Sarcasm? its not that hard really.


Just tried it. Pretty cool, but it’s virtually impossible to get it back in control to get it back to your hand (for me at least). It was honestly one of the most fun tricks I’ve ever done! Definitely gonna work on that.


Spindox (I remember Spencer for sure) were doing braintwister “on the side” back around 2001.


1998 Nationals, Sky Kiyabu…



Wow. Just wow. Thanks for sharing that link.

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Yes indeed! I believe we have found the answer ladies and gents!


I remember reading a post and watching this video that jayyo posted a while back


That was an awesome routine.


Texas Cowboy, anyone? That is technically a “horizontal” trick, isn’t it?


Horizontal string tricks in competition I believe it to be 98 Worlds in Nevada (a couple of months before the shown nationals).

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I’d argue that the reason horizontal is a part of competitive 1A today is directly because of Mickey’s Worlds 2006 freestyle (though he did the same eli hops at AP 2005 months before). The concepts definitely existed earlier (I had no idea they went back to the 90’s, though), but Mickey made it what it is today. Pretty much every routine he did from Worlds '06 onward had a lot of horizontal material in it, and most other people didn’t adopt the style until around 2009.