Most collectible, 1995-2005

It may still be too early, but anyone want to speculate about the most collectible yo-yos manufactured during the boom-bust-reboom period of 1995-2005?

I can help some with pre 2000

Turbo Bumble Bee GT
Cold Fusion GT
Saber Raider
Cherry Bomb

I respectfully disagree with some of those. Most of those were mass produced plastics. You can pick up most basic Duncans from any year for a decent price.

I was thinking limited ProYo metals, like Isotopes and Nuclei. Even some of the limited bees like the Albino Bee GT and Nuke Bee GT. The only mass produced plastic I see going up in value is the Freehand 1. A lot of them cracked so over time less will be available and they have the prestige that few others do.

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You are correct, most collectible is not what I provided. Iā€™d kill for an albino GT.