Most beautiful yoyos under 50 dollars


I want a new throw that looks great and on the cheap. I’ve been looking at yoyofficer and their lineup seems like the best prospect so far. So I’m looking for colours that are somewhat like yoyofficers colours, or gold, or anything else that looks great. It doesn’t have to be metal but metal generally has a more appealing finish.


Yoyoaddict just did a bunch of clear addictions with splash anodized rings. Werrd minute comes in gold as well and the level 6 has some awesome colors too.


All the YYO stuff imo. I doubt anything will ever beat YYO’s ano jobs at that price point.


Check out the c3yoyodesign Level 6 also.


Have you seen the new night and day shutters? Gorgeous.


Ok guys, I found it: the c3 Token. By far the best looking yoyo at its price.


YYO Aura colors are :o


I just got my YYO Lava today, I got it in the Orange/Black colour way, it looks very nice and it plays well too; very stable.


yup, you can never go wrong with yoyofficer! the token is nice, don’t get me wrong, but anything from yyo is just really gorgeous for the low price! :wink:


C3 L6…for slightly more, anything by RecRev looks amazing. I like the Paisley Silly Goose and @